Board of Directors

Veloz’s unparalleled leadership made up of high-powered, diverse board members bring expertise from key sector companies, agencies and nonprofits. The Board of Directors meets three times a year to discuss Veloz business matters and accelerate current EV policy conversations.

Caroline Choi

Anand Gopal

Arnie Sowell

Cynthia Williams

Dan Lashof

Hon. David Strickland

Linda White

Mary Nichols

Miguel Romero

Mike Delaney

Nick Chaset

Robert Barrosa

Sam Arons

Public Policy Board

Our Public Policy Board, appointed by the Board of Directors, lends policy guidance and support to the Board. This non-voting board is comprised of representatives who serve or have served in state or local government or quasi-government organizations.

David Hochschild

Alice Reynolds

Angelina Galiteva

Chris Lee

Liane Randolph

Nancy Sutley

Serena McIlwain

Toks Omishakin

Former Leadership

Without the commitment of the Veloz Board of Directors and Public Policy Board, the organization would not be the success it is today. Since Veloz was founded in 2017, engaged, high-powered individuals have been at the helm.