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Veloz is committed to convening the best and brightest minds to accelerate the electric vehicle (EV) market, communicate the value of electric transportation, drive policy education, offer networking opportunities and expand the Electric For All movement through our Veloz Summit Series program.

Our Summits allow us to be bolder, more ambitious and even faster than our name promises. Three times a year, we tap our powerhouse leaders, members, partners and vast public/private network to facilitate in-depth conversations on solving the top barriers to 100% electrification of the transportation sector. From thoughtful keynote speakers to spotlight segments featuring high-profile guests to roundtable sessions where rapid-fire conversation ensues — the Summit Series has value for everyone.

When it comes to the EV market, the proof of concept is complete, new products are emerging, technology is improving, prices are dropping, refueling infrastructure is increasing and awareness is going up. Still, there is more work to be done to achieve our Electric For All goals and Veloz believes we are stronger together.

While the Summits moved to a virtual setting in 2020 to address safety issues around the COVID-19 pandemic, the series will return to its in-person roots soon. Please sign up for our email newsletter to have Veloz Summit Series announcements sent directly to your inbox or visit our events page for more information.

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Did You Miss a Summit?

You’re in luck! Veloz is dedicated to making our events as accessible as possible and we’ve got event videos — and now transcripts — available for anyone who wants to access the content in an alternate way, revisit some of the speakers’ insights or simply couldn’t attend an event live.

To access our video archives, click the Watch on YouTube link in the video to the right. There you’ll find our full Veloz Summit Series playlist. If you’d like to access transcripts of past events, head to our past events section and find the event listing you’re interested in viewing.