Electric for All

At Veloz, we know we must make the shift to electric cars. Yet, 50 percent of Californians know next to nothing about electric cars. Without desire there can be no demand. That’s why Veloz has assembled the brightest and most powerful players in the transportation space to launch a public awareness campaign called Electric For All.

There are 40 Million Reasons To Go Electric today. Whether you buy or lease, or choose new or used, electric cars are a cleaner way to drive. With incentives and perks, you benefit in real savings in time and money! When it comes to choosing a car right for you, driving electric is the best option for your health and the environment.

Electric For All is the largest multi-stakeholder, multi-million dollar electric car public awareness campaign in North America, laser-focused on reaching Californians.

Visit ElectricForAll.org to learn more about electric cars, and charging and fueling locations.

Kicking Gas

In the Summer of 2019, Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up with Veloz to launch the “Kicking Gas” campaign—an edgy, funny series of movie shorts designed to bust barriers and kick down the norms of traditional electric car campaigns.

View Electric For All overview and metrics from the 2019 Kicking Gas campaign.

Opposites Attract

Veloz rolled out the first phase of Electric For All with its cheeky “Opposites Attract” social and digital media campaign in 2018 using the power of short-form video and memes to communicate directly to target audiences across the state. This campaign featured unlikely Californians driving electric cars together. The campaign was focused on potential car buyers, and delivering leads.

View Electric For All overview and metrics from the 2018 Opposites Attract campaign.