Veloz is a growing 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. Our work and that of our cross-sector members and partners have the power to transform how Americans move, ensuring better public health outcomes, a stronger and more just economy, and a cleaner and more sustainable climate for all communities.

The Veloz team works to bring forth our vision and mission, while embodying the organization’s key values, adapting to an ever-changing market and having fun along the way!

Meet The Team

Josh D. Boone

Rosa Davies

Margaret Mohr

Jennifer Newman

Shevonne Sua

Danielle Cralle

Jennifer Williams



We see a world in which all people and goods are moved by electricity and all people who want a vehicle can choose electric. We ask, ‘who isn’t here yet?’ and we open doors for them. We are dedicated to achieving equitable and inclusive access to zero-emission vehicles.


We are driven by the art of possible. When we come up with ideas, we ask, ‘how big can we go?’ We’re motivated by moonshots. We continually iterate to tackle the barriers to zero-emission vehicle adoption head-on, and we dream big.


What we do, we do well. We are discerning so we can demonstrate return on investment of our resources and stay focused on what we know will move our mission forward fastest.


We are curious. We ask questions. We are learners who seek continual improvement. We listen deeply, and we integrate what we learn into our strategies. We’re proud of our accomplishments.


We know we can’t achieve the electric for all vision by ourselves. We don’t go-it alone. Ever. We seek partnership in the design and execution of all of our programs and campaigns. People know if they come to us, we will respect their point of view and expertise. We’re stronger together.


Veloz values diversity, equity and inclusion. Our membership and leadership reflect strongly held principles around diversity of perspective, background and sector. Diversity is the cornerstone of our credibility and effectiveness and is reflected in how we operate, including search and hiring processes, promotion, and professional development. We are committed to an inclusive and transparent recruitment process and recruit and hire without regard to race, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical ability, marital status, veteran’s status, or age. People of diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply for open jobs at Veloz.

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