Veloz Welcomes New Board Directors

Anand Gopal of the Hewlett Foundation, Linda White, BMW North America and Terry Travis of EVNoire will join the Veloz Board of Directors. They will join a distinguished group of public and private sector sustainability leaders who are committed to rapidly expanding California’s electric car market, charging infrastructure, improving air quality and advancing public health for all.

Anand Gopal

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Dr. Anand R. Gopal is a program officer in the environment program at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, which focuses on climate, clean energy and conservation. Anand manages the program’s global strategic grantmaking on clean power and transportation as well as support for climate funding in India. His grantmaking strategy focuses on electrifying the global economy quickly, resiliently and reliably with clean power, to safeguard people from the catastrophic effects of climate change. Anand is the board vice chair at the International Council on Clean Transportation. He is a regular contributing author on clean transportation at Forbes.

See Anand Gopal’s full bio here.

“Veloz is doing critical work to advance zero-emission transportation which is critical to solving our air quality and climate crisis. I am very happy to join this exceptional Board of Directors with public and private sector experts, all working toward California’s 2035 goal of achieving 100% sales of electric vehicles.”
— Anand Gopal, Program Officer, Hewlett Foundation

Linda White
BMW North America

Linda White is Director of Government and External Affairs for BMW of North America located in Sacramento, CA. In her capacity, she is responsible for managing legislation and external stakeholder engagement with a focus on electric mobility, infrastructure, autonomous vehicles, privacy, equity, and more.  Linda serves as the chair for Black Employees Resource Group and works on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. Linda is passionate about community service. She serves on the board of Leadership California, an organization that elevates a diverse group of influential women across the state. She is also a board member of Women Escaping A Violent Environment (WEAVE).

See Linda White’s full bio here.

“BMW North America is a founding member of Veloz and I am excited to join the Board of Directors and continue our commitment to support California’s zero emission goals.”

— Linda White, Director of Government and External Affairs, BMW North America

Terry Travis

Terry is co-founder and Principal with EVNoire, an award-winning, consulting group working on electric, connected, shared and autonomous vehicle technology. He utilizes his expertise to integrate E-Mobility Best Practices and E-Mobility diversity, equity and inclusion in the transportation sector . He works on multimodal electrification with organizations ranging from auto manufacturers, utilities, government agencies, charging network companies, rideshare/delivery network companies, fleets, transit authorities and other key stakeholders.

See Terry Travis’s full bio here.

“EVNoire and Veloz have a shared vision to make electric for all a reality. We share the same goals, and I am excited to join the Board of Directors at this inflection point.”

— Terry Travis, Co-Founder/Principal, EVNoire