Veloz Partners with State Agencies to Provide Electric Car Sales Data

Veloz is proud to partner with the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to deliver quarterly electric car sales data to support Veloz’s sales dashboard.  The Veloz electric car sales dashboard provides California and national electric car sales (battery-electric, plug-in hybrid-electric and fuel cell electric), California chargers, hydrogen stations and the current number of electric makes and models available in the state.

The data that Veloz is using in the sales dashboard is thanks to CEC’s new interactive tool that provides the latest statistics on zero-emission vehicle sales and charger counts in the state and by county.  Developed in collaboration with the California Department of Motor Vehicles and CARB, the data visualization dashboard can be used to monitor and track progress toward state goals including 250,000 chargers installed by 2025, 5 million electric cars on California roads by 2030, and a 100% electric car sales goal for new passenger cars and trucks by 2035.

CEC and CARB are both founding members of Veloz and are active on our public policy board.  We are excited about this partnership as they are both experts with a long track record of tracking electric car sales in California.


Below are additional details regarding electric car sales trends:

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