Veloz Announces New Member ChargerHelp!

Veloz welcomes ChargerHelp! as an affiliate member.

ChargerHelp! tackles a major pain point in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure – repair and maintenance. At the same time, ChargerHelp! is committed to workforce development and economic mobility. ChargerHelp!’s mission: Getting EV charging stations and people back to work. Provide on demand repair for electric vehicle charging stations by utilizing local workforce.

“Our partnership with Veloz further extends our commitment to the cleantech industry. As a leader in the electric vehicle revolution, Veloz makes a perfect partner for us. We are excited to work collectively in moving the needle forward to zero gas emissions and a cleaner, stronger workforce.”

– CEO & Co-Founder, Kameale C. Terry

ChargerHelp! is creating job growth and an entirely new career field in the EV industry for people in California, Texas, New York, Florida, Colorado and Oregon. All interested candidates can learn more about jobs in their area by clicking here.

“Workforce development is the heart of ChargerHelp!. This partnership with Veloz creates more opportunities for us to make a stronger impact in our communities and industry.”

– Co-Founder & Chief Workforce Officer, Evette Ellis

ChargerHelp! is recruiting new employees now! The deadline is February 26th to sign up at

Informational: Feb. 19, 8:30 AM PST

Application due: Feb. 26, 5 PM PST

Interviews: Feb. 29 – March​ 2

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