Mary Nichols Joins Veloz Board of Directors

We are happy to announce Mary Nichols has joined the Veloz board of directors. Prior to her retirement from the California Air Resources Board where she was the longest-serving head of the organization and where she gained the nickname “Queen of Green,” Mary was instrumental in the inception of Veloz and previously served as the Veloz public policy board chair.

“Veloz has always been a leader in transportation electrification even prior to the tremendous public and private sector support that we are seeing now. We have more to do to reach our goal of 100% zero emission transportation, which is why I am so pleased to continue working closely with this unique organization that’s bringing together public and private sector experts to accelerate an Electric For All reality faster.”

—Mary Nichols


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“Mary has devoted her whole career to fighting climate change and reducing air pollution. She continues to work to protect public health by combining our efforts to accelerate equitable transportation electrification. We are extremely pleased to have her leadership and expertise on the Veloz board.”

—Josh D. Boone, Executive Director, Veloz

Mary now serves on the Veloz board of directors alongside a distinguished group of public and private sector sustainability leaders who are all committed to rapidly expanding California’s electric vehicle market, charging infrastructure, improving air quality and advancing public health for all.

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New Veloz Board Officers



Caroline Choi

Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Edison International and Southern California Edison

Vice Chair

Giovanni Palazzo

President & Chief Executive Officer of Electrify America, President of Electrify Canada

Arnie Sowell_edited


Arnold Sowell

Vice President of California Policy, NextGen California

Outgoing Veloz Board Officer

“Thank you, Dan Lashof, for your service as the treasurer-secretary over the last four years. We look forward to continuing to benefit from your climate and transportation electrification expertise as an ongoing Veloz board director.”

—Josh D. Boone, Executive Director, Veloz