Key Automotive, Government and Energy Organizations Increase Veloz Engagement

Veloz announced today that Mercedes-Benz, the California Energy Commission and Sacramento Municipal Utility District have upgraded their membership levels and engagement for 2020-2021. These organizations represent the automotive, government and energy sectors—key leaders in Veloz’s mission to electrify transportation and promote electric for all statewide.

Mercedes-Benz is now a premier member. Additionally, Senior Manager, Safety, Fuels & Regulatory Affairs for Mercedes-Benz Research and Development’s Amy Klinkenberger has joined the Veloz board of directors.

The California Energy Commission, a founding member of Veloz, is now a premier member. Chair David Hochschild continues his role on Veloz’s public policy board.

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District, or SMUD, is now a champion member. SMUD is also a founding member of Veloz.

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