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Charging Our Way Forward

The Biden Administration’s historic reimagining of America’s infrastructure — The American Jobs Plan — invests $174 billion to spur the development and adoption of electric vehicles (EV), with the lion’s share — $100 billion – on consumer incentives.  I am a firm believer that the path to electrified transportation must be forged by drivers. EVs are fast becoming cheaper than gasoline vehicles but making them even more affordable right now is critical to driving vehicle demand.  Rapidly increasing consumer’s EV purchase demand will propel buildout of the EV charging infrastructure at a faster pace. But I also recognize that we have a chicken and egg problem at the moment. Research shows that the lack of electric vehicle charging stations is now the consequential barrier for consumers, more than price.

Policy is also key to help encourage drivers to drop vehicles with polluting tailpipes.   To meet Governor Newsom’s Executive Order that calls for 100% zero-emission vehicle sales for new cars and trucks by 2035, the California Air Resources Board, California Energy Commission, California Public Utilities Commission, Governor’s Office of Economic and Business Development (GO-Biz) and other agencies are doubling down on investment in the state’s charging infrastructure. Notably, while the Biden plan to build 500,000 chargers across America is bold and ambitious, California policymakers have determined that 1.5 million EV chargers for its population of 40 million are required by 2030 in order to meet the Governor’s 2035 goal.  There are currently 70,479 public and shared private charging stations in California. See Veloz’s 2020 Q4 EV dashboard.

And the Governor’s 2021/2022 budget proposal for a $1.5 billion zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) investment is the largest state budget proposal for electric vehicles ever. California’s leadership knows that investing in infrastructure will not only accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles but also jumpstart our economic recovery from the pandemic by creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Why Electric Must Be For All

From the beginning, Veloz has remained focused on inspiring people to go electric. To do this we must create pathways and opportunities to achieve Electric For All. This year one of our key initiatives is our 40 Million Reasons to Go Electric awareness campaign focused on overcoming key barriers.