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Freedom To Save

In 2018, the Federal Reserve surveyed Americans and found that 40% were unable to cover a $400 emergency expense. Talk about feeling trapped. EVs can ultimately provide the way out. Savings from owning an EV not only make up the upfront cost differential with gasoline powered cars—a gap which is growing smaller and smaller every day—it also puts thousands of dollars back into your pocket …

Truckin’ Our Way to Zero Emissions

On the road to a zero-carbon economy, medium and heavy-duty trucks (MDV/HDV) have been in the slow lane. Until now. Once considered futuristic, in the next year, over a hundred zero emission commercial freight

Charging Our Way Forward

The Biden Administration’s historic reimagining of America’s infrastructure — The American Jobs Plan — invests $174 billion to spur the development and adoption of electric vehicles (EV), with the lion’s share — $100 billion – on consumer incentives. I am a firm believer that the path to electrified transportation must be forged by drivers.

Why Electric Must Be For All

From the beginning, Veloz has remained focused on inspiring people to go electric. To do this we must create pathways and opportunities to achieve Electric For All. This year one of our key initiatives is our 40 Million Reasons to Go Electric awareness campaign focused on overcoming key barriers.