40 Million Reasons to Go Electric Campaign Wrap Up

How Veloz Wins the Hearts and Minds of Future EV Drivers

We are excited to share the results of our
40 Million Reasons to Go Electric campaign!

The Electric For All EV awareness campaign powered by Veloz called¬†40 Million Reasons to Go Electric¬†made a significant impact in moving EV awareness in a positive direction. The annual campaign improved Californians’ perceptions of EVs on cost, choice, and range.

Research results revealed 40 Million Reasons to Go Electric helped debunk several of the main myths while improving perceptions on EVs.

The campaign drives home the message that electric is for everyone.


Equity was a central focus of the campaign from original conception to final execution. In highlighting a diverse California-based cast of EV heroes, at least 35% of paid media was devoted to reaching out specifically to disadvantaged and low-income communities.

The 40 Million Reasons campaign markedly improved perceptions in disadvantaged and low-income communities (DC/LIC) regarding affordability, charging and variety of electric vehicles on the market.

The Veloz team is thrilled at the success of this campaign, though we know more work is needed to reach our goal of Electric For All.


Remaining barriers to address:

We are currently fundraising for our next Electric For All campaign and invite your organization to become a sponsor. Contact Veloz Strategic Partnerships Director Munni Krishna for opportunities to connect with us.

If you already own or are a future EV driver, head over to our freshly rebranded Electric For All¬†website to take the “I’m Going Electric” pledge and find the right EV, home charger and incentives for you!