Veloz Welcomes Toyota

Toyota Joins Veloz



Veloz announced today that Toyota has joined a distinguished group of sustainability leaders who are committed to rapid expansion of California’s electric car market, its charging and hydrogen filling networks, the promotion of energy security, and air quality and public health improvement.

Toyota pioneered the hybrid-electric automotive market with the introduction of the Prius 20 years ago. Today Toyota continues to be the industry leader in hybrids and is furthering its quest for efficient yet powerful mobility with its lineup of alternative fuel vehicles, including the all-new hydrogen fuel cell electric Mirai and additional plug-in hybrid models like the Prius Prime and upcoming RAV4.

Veloz is an organization dedicated to bringing electric vehicles into the mainstream through public-facing programs, including Veloz’s public awareness campaign. The Veloz board of directors and public policy board includes executives from the environmental community, utilities, automakers, environmental justice organizations, and public agencies. With unparalleled and diverse leadership, Veloz is uniquely able to accelerate the shift to electric cars through public-private collaboration, public engagement and policy education innovation.

Veloz’s Electric For All public awareness campaign, including Kicking Gas featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, aims to inspire people to get behind the wheel and into the passenger seats of electric vehicles.

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