Veloz Appoints New Board Director and Public Policy Board Member

Board of Directors

Please welcome Robert Barrosa, Vice President of Technology and President and CEO-elect of Electrify America, to Veloz’s board of directors. Robert replaces Giovanni Palazzo, who has served on the Veloz board since 2018.

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“Electrify America has created the largest open network of electric vehicle DC fast charging stations across the country, all while working to increase awareness around transportation electrification through educational and outreach efforts. I am thrilled to join Veloz’s board and look forward to continuing our longstanding partnership with Veloz to build a more sustainable future.”

— Robert Barrosa, Electrify America Vice President of Technology; President and CEO-elect

Veloz Public Policy Board

Join us in welcoming Alice Reynolds, President of the California Public Utilities Commission, to the Veloz public policy board. The California Public Utilities Commission has been represented on the public policy board since 2017.

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Alice Reynolds headshot photo2

“The California Public Utilities Commission is dedicated to combating climate change and committed to providing access to safe and reliable utility infrastructure — including applying its expertise to supporting electric vehicle deployment — while ensuring equity for California’s most impacted communities. I am honored to join Veloz’s public policy advisory board alongside agencies also championing those shared goals.”

— Alice Reynolds, California Public Utilities Commission President