Unlikely Alliance Joins Forces to Keep California in the Lead of the Electric Car Race

Today Veloz was officially launched, bringing together powerhouse leaders in the electric car industry who are putting their resources toward transportation electrification.

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Get a preview of Veloz’s Electric For All public awareness campaign, coming to social and digital media this month. The campaign aims to engage and inspire all Californians to drive electric and become part of the movement to embrace clean electric transportation.

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Representatives from very major player in the transportation sector unite to supercharge #CA’s electric car market @LetsVeloz – https://bit.ly/2P80Sko

Public/private partnership of powerhouse leaders launch #CA-wide “Electric For All” campaign showing that electric cars are for everyone! @LetsVeloz – https://bit.ly/2P80Sko #EVs

First-of-its-kind, multi-stakeholder, multi-million dollar campaign aims to radically transform mobility in #California by promoting “Electric For All” @LetsVeloz – https://bit.ly/2P80Sko #EVs

.@MaryNicholsCA, member of the policy board at @LetsVeloz, says “#CA cannot afford to take its foot off the accelerator” when it comes to electric car adoption, at launch of new “Electric For All” campaign – https://bit.ly/2P80Sko #EVs

.@GM’s Steve Majoros says “the auto industry will change more in the next 5 yrs than it has in the last 50…We believe the future is electric…” at launch of new powerhouse org @LetsVeloz & campaign to increase #EV adoption in #CA – https://bit.ly/2P80Sko

.@LetsVeloz Chair David Hochschild says #CA is “on a path to an electric grid powered 100 percent by clean energy, transitioning to electric vehicles makes more sense than ever” at Veloz launch today – https://bit.ly/2P80Sko

.@LetsVeloz launches “Electric For All” campaign in #California to show that electric cars are fun, quick & the right choice no matter who you are. @LetsVeloz – https://www.electricforall.org/

What do a rabbi & a hipster have in common, besides the beard? Passion for electric cars! “Electric For All” campaign to grow #CA’s #EV market launches today – Watch the teaser video @LetsVeloz –https://www.electricforall.org/

What do a rocker & a symphony lover have in common? Not much – except their shared love for electric cars! “Electric For All” campaign to grow #CA’s #EV market launches today – Watch the teaser video @LetsVeloz – https://www.electricforall.org/