Home Charging Advisor Adds New Feature on ElectricForAll.org 

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ElectricForAll.org creates a process for home charging incentives
safe, secure, one-stop-application

SACRAMENTO —August 30, 2021 – ElectricForAll.org “Home Charging Advisor Incentive Assistant” which is powered by Veloz launched a game-changing feature that will allow consumers to apply online and complete all application materials needed to receive home charging incentives in California, making the choice to charge at home easier and more affordable than ever.

“Easy and faster home charging is one of the greatest benefits of owning an electric car, it’s as simple as plugging in your phone,” said Veloz Executive Director Josh D. Boone. “This tool takes away the stress of finding and applying for home charging incentives.”

The “Home Charging Advisor’s Incentive Assistant’‘ is a new consumer-friendly, web-based feature added to Veloz’s ElectricForAll.org website, which also helps shoppers select an EV and home charger that best fits their needs. Veloz contracted with technology partner ZappyRide to design, maintain and support the “Home Charging Advisor Incentive Assistant.”

The “Home Charging Advisor Incentive Assistant” allows consumers to browse all available Level 2 home chargers and sort by key features, including charging speed, cord length, WiFi capability, brand name, and more. The tool encourages consumers to purchase the charger and then apply for ZIP code-based incentives with an online form making the process seamless and easy to use. California consumers living outside of regions currently featured on the tool can use it to apply for the Federal Tax Credit. New incentives by zip code will be added as other regional incentive providers come on board or expand current programs that support home charging.

By sponsoring this brand neutral, convenient, and consumer-focused tool, we hope to further encourage EV ownership,” said Misty Jappa, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility & Diversity at Electrify America. “Making all available home charging incentives more easily accessible to consumers helps to accelerate our goal toward increasing EV adoption as we build out our ultra-fast public charging network.”

Electrify America, the largest open ultra-fast DC fast charging network in the U.S., is sponsoring the Home Charging Advisor, which is an incredibly valuable tool for Californians, especially low-income Californians who have access to a maze of incentives that are difficult to identify and navigate. Electrify America recognized the need for customer-centric consumer assistance tools and has delivered on its objective to fund the Advisor within its Cycle 2 California ZEV Investment Plan

At launch, eight incentive providers in California support the development and execution of the tool: ​​Anaheim Public Utility, Burbank Water and Power, Colton Electric Utility, Alameda Municipal Power, Glendale Water & Power, Imperial Irrigation District, Lodi Electric Utility and Turlock Irrigation District. More will be added to expand the network of incentive providers.

“California’s new car dealerships enthusiastically welcome all opportunities to increase accessibility to the latest technologies for all. The tools provided by Electricforall.org remain a key example of resources that help consumers take advantage of the industry-leading options dealers are committed to providing,” said Brian Maas, President of the California New Car Dealers Association. “Education and convenient access to incentives provide the necessary conditions that help make electric vehicle ownership a possibility for drivers of every background. Access to charging options is a top priority for consumers and CNCDA has even installed Level 3 chargers for public use in our own parking lot in the heart of Downtown Sacramento.”

To use the Home Charger Advisor and Incentive Assistant go visit, https://homecharging.electricforall.org/ or https://incentiveassistant.electricforall.org/.