2019 Electric Car Sales Round Up

SACRAMENTO – California’s electric car market share remained steady, and vitality in the industry remains strong – as Super Bowl advertisements feature new models and investment in Tesla hits a record as the first listed U.S. auto company to pierce the $100 billion market cap, despite slowing demand for all vehicles.

“There has been some news that electric car interest is on the decline, which is exaggerated. We don’t see it,” said Josh Boone, Veloz executive director. “With the Ford Mustang Mach-E, GMC Hummer EV, Tesla Cybertruck and many other green machines coming to market, we are getting really excited. SUVs and trucks are in demand, and automakers are beginning to deliver zero-emissions versions of SUVs and trucks to consumers to expand the market.” View full news release

Below are additional details regarding electric car sales trends.  Please note that as of this update, the sales dashboard will be updated quarterly rather than monthly.

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