Veloz aims to foster rapid acceleration of electric car awareness, understanding and consideration with the ultimate goal of increasing consumer demand. It envisions a golden future in which transportation is emissions-free, and where the economy and environment thrive. Veloz – through bold leadership – will educate, engage and empower Californians from all walks of life to choose electric transportation.


Veloz will grow the electric car market through consumer awareness of electric driving benefits, including infrastructure. A core initiative of Veloz is California’s first large-scale consumer-focused outreach and hands-on campaign to meet California's new goal of 5 million zero-emission vehicles on California roads by 2030. The goal is to inspire the public and get them talking, testing, driving, riding and excited about electric cars.

Veloz’s programs promote energy security, improve air quality, reduce climate change emissions, and advance California’s public health. And, working with the State of California, help meet its economic, energy and environmental goals.