Madison Pendergraft

Madison Pendergraft

Program Intern


Madison (Maddey) loves sharing her creative insight on all things social media and Gen-Z at her internship with Veloz. When she’s not thinking about what current gifs & memes to use to increase online engagement, she’s involved with researching diverse resources, creating captivating content, maintaining Veloz’s online presence and assisting with upcoming events.

Prior to Veloz, her experience in graphic design and event planning dates back to her high school yearbook class. She brought her creativity and graphic arts skills to her next job at the Sacramento State Aquatic Center, eventually helping to create and expand their social media brand and presence.

Now, she is finishing up her senior year at California State University, Sacramento focusing on her passion for film production and theory. She looks forward to continuing to refine her experience in both graphic arts and film production after she graduates Spring 2021.