Introducing Leading the Electric Car Revolution veloz Learn More Watch Video Power of Veloz Slide 3 Electrify Your Drive There's a new way to drive. A better way to drive.
A faster, brilliantly-engineered, turn-more-heads, way to drive.
Slide 4 Engage. Educate. Empower. We must make a shift to a new and better way to drive. Slide 5 Electric Cars for Everyone People won't buy what they don't know exists.
That's where Veloz comes in.


Veloz is a new California-based nonprofit organization, founded by industry experts to bring public and private sectors together to advance the electric car movement.

Veloz brings the right expertise to lead the way toward California’s transportation transformation. While the organization, name and mission are new, Veloz is driven by seasoned veterans who know the people, partnerships and actions it takes to increase electric car adoption.

By uniting the right leaders across different sectors, Veloz will lead the charge for electric car adoption in California.

  • Global automakers
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Grant-making foundations
  • Government agencies
  • Charging network providers
  • Utilities
  • Advocacy groups
  • Community organizations




Join a visionary and influential group of leaders who are driving California’s first mass market electric car awareness campaign.

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Updated: July 19, 2018

California’s Goal: 5 Million Electric Cars by 2030

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“The goal is to make our neighborhoods and farms healthier, our vehicles cleaner — zero emission the sooner the better — and all our technologies increasingly lowering their carbon output. To meet our ambitious goals, we will need five million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2030. Think of all the jobs that will create and how much cleaner our air will be.”

– California Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.



There’s a new way to drive.

A better way to drive.

A faster, brilliantly-engineered, turn-more-heads, way to drive.

This is not the environmentalist’s way to drive, or the cutting gas costs way to drive — though it is those, too.

This is everyone’s way to drive.

Everyone who wants the daily commute to feel more like the daily joyride. Everyone who puts pedal to metal for sheer exhilaration. Every driver, every rider and every visionary to follow the road ahead, no matter how well traveled.

Our cars are more than just a way to get from here to there. They represent us. Our style. Our values. Our experience. And nothing brings more to every mile than driving electric.

This is a revolution. A revolution for better driving. It won’t be a revolution forever. There will be a day when driving electric is the only way to drive.

Until that day, lead the charge.

Building on a foundation of success

Veloz builds on the success of the California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative, a public-private partnership founded in 2010 to convene, collaborate and communicate on emerging electric car market trends, address challenges and enable strong market growth.

The Power of Veloz

To achieve 5 million electric cars on California roads, it takes power.

  • Power in numbers.
  • Power in our leaders.
  • Power in new technology.
  • Power in the revolution for a better drive.

This is the power of Veloz.

Veloz’s goal is to rapidly increase California electric car awareness through a multi-stakeholder, brand-neutral campaign to engage, educate and empower people from all walks of life. Veloz will use a variety of consumer-oriented, strategic initiatives to meet consumers where they are, and inspire them to join the electric car revolution.

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We Need Leaders Like You.

Veloz was launched in August 2017 with strong leaders to propel the organization toward success. Veloz provides a rare opportunity to join a visionary and influential group of leaders who are driving California’s first mass-market electric car awareness campaign.

The Power of Veloz

Bringing public and private interests together to advance the electric car market.

Introducing Veloz

Leading the electric car revolution.

Join Us

Join a visionary and influential group of leaders.

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Board of Directors

Caroline Choi

Dan Lashof

Giovanni Palazzo

Robert Babik

Lisa Errion

Laurie Giammona

Amy Klinkenberger

Arnie Sowell

Nancy Sutley

Cynthia Williams

Caroline Winn

Public Policy Board

The Public Policy Board is appointed by the Board of Directors and lends policy guidance and support to the Board. The non-voting advisory board is comprised of representatives who serve or have served in state or local government or quasi-government organizations.

Mary Nichols

Jack Broadbent

Toks Omishakin

David Hochschild

Wayne Nastri

Angelina Galiteva

Cliff Rechtschaffen

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